Let the Mycelium Run!… But Keep Up!

Getting a new batch of mycelium growing on any new medium is a lot like flipping over an hourglass or putting a kettle on the stove to boil. Based on the conditions, they have a schedule of their own that you will have to follow.

(If this is just word salad to you, but you’re curious, get started here)

I’m working with mycelium from pink oyster mushrooms right now that came to me as liquiculture in a syringe.

I used that syringe to inoculate two quart jars filled with sterilized nutrient solution, and away they went!

Liquiculture is pretty patient, but next, I used some of it to inoculate some jars of sterilized grains. In this case, brown rice.

Once the grains are completely myceliated, they aren’t as patient anymore, and if I don’t get them onto something that’s great for fruiting, they will slow grown or become dormant.

That’s bad news, like a swing and a miss!

So I’m shredding some wheat straw and cold fermenting it, hopefully in time to get this grain spawn a good home!


If you look closely, you can almost see the burlap sack full of shredded wheat straw submerged in this white plastic barrel full of water…almost.

Cold Fermentation usually means at ambient temperature, not frozen solid…but weather happens!

I’ll keep you posted!

Keep Wondering!

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