Down the Mushroom path!

Ever since my time as a Peace Corps volunteer, I have been intrigued in the potential for growing mushrooms as a food source. Over the last several years, the work of a very dedicated few self-taught mycologists and fermentation gurus (like Paul Stamets, Jeff Chilton, Peter McCoy, Sandor Katz, Daniel Reyes and Tradd Cotter to name a few) has pushed the mysterious, bordering on miraculous, … Continue reading Down the Mushroom path!

Sheet Mulch is the BEST MULCH!!!

Here’s one of my favorite old sheet mulch installations from some old photos. Before: And After: Since I moved into my new community garden plot last fall, I have been trying to scrounge, gather, or acquire,  by mostly legal means, the materials to lay down a sheet mulch. I’m not talking about some Johnny-come-lately sheet mulch that the established bermuda grass is going to laugh … Continue reading Sheet Mulch is the BEST MULCH!!!