Flush of Oyster Mushrooms

How to Pickle Mushrooms (with Lacto-fermentation, that is!)

Let’s get back to food crafty business! Today we’re combining two of my passions, fungi and pickles, aka., lacto-fermentation! If it’s more comfortable, you can just think of it as delicious kitchen science! The difference between most pickles you buy at the store and lacto-fermented pickles is most modern pickles are made using by processing vegetables in a hot brine made with some combination of … Continue reading How to Pickle Mushrooms (with Lacto-fermentation, that is!)

Homegrown Mushrooms! My steps so far…

As I mention in the page on Mycology, I have wanted to grow mushrooms for a long while now, mostly because they are a great combination of creepy, delicious, and miraculous! Information on home-scale mushroom cultivation is abundant, all over the internet and in several great books that are very accessible to anyone new to the field. The first step for me was outlining the … Continue reading Homegrown Mushrooms! My steps so far…

Down the Mushroom path!

Ever since my time as a Peace Corps volunteer, I have been intrigued in the potential for growing mushrooms as a food source. Over the last several years, the work of a very dedicated few self-taught mycologists and fermentation gurus (like Paul Stamets, Jeff Chilton, Peter McCoy, Sandor Katz, Daniel Reyes and Tradd Cotter to name a few) has pushed the mysterious, bordering on miraculous, … Continue reading Down the Mushroom path!