Flush of Oyster Mushrooms

How to Pickle Mushrooms (with Lacto-fermentation, that is!)

Let’s get back to food crafty business! Today we’re combining two of my passions, fungi and pickles, aka., lacto-fermentation! If it’s more comfortable, you can just think of it as delicious kitchen science! The difference between most pickles you buy at the store and lacto-fermented pickles is most modern pickles are made using by processing vegetables in a hot brine made with some combination of … Continue reading How to Pickle Mushrooms (with Lacto-fermentation, that is!)

Abundance Problems: What to do with too much!

Congratulations! You finally put in the muscle and mental effort to install the garden that you delicately planned out… or you just walked boldly out into the patchy turf grass with a shovel one day and started digging your way to your dreams, carving a tame legacy from the wilderness of your lawn. Either way, your effort is starting to pay off as okra, tomatoes, … Continue reading Abundance Problems: What to do with too much!

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Say, “No” to Grass!

It is an honor to welcome Stephanie from the garden blog “Learning to Grow in Florida”! Without further ado: Say, “No” to Grass! Let’s talk groundcover. Grass is the usual choice, but why? It’s high maintenance and requires a lot of water to look alive during the dry winters. In the summer it may get more water but can burn up in the heat. In … Continue reading Say, “No” to Grass!

Black Soldier Fly Larva BioDigestor! (BSFL pt 2)

If you need a primer on what black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) are, peruse the background write up I posted a few weeks back and then join us below. As I mentioned before, black soldier flies, particularly in their larval state, are tireless, delightful eating machines specializing in the avid consumption things that most people find revolting. Yes, they are nightmare fuel, but ridiculously useful … Continue reading Black Soldier Fly Larva BioDigestor! (BSFL pt 2)

How to Plant Asparagus Crowns

I recently went to help a friend install some more growing beds for perennial and annual vegetable production. One of the most exciting things that we got into the ground once we had the new beds shaped and amended with compost was asparagus crowns. Asparagus is a perennial, meaning that once its root system is established in the soil, it will continue to produce year … Continue reading How to Plant Asparagus Crowns