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Is that a Ladybug…yet?

Hi there, let’s talk about ladybugs for just a minute. (I know, some say ladybird, but Lady Bird around Central Texas means the former first lady of the United States, Lady Bird Johnson, so ladybug it shall remain) Hang on tight, it’s going to get sciencey for a bit. The scientific name for ladybugs is coccinellidae, which rhymes with…every other Latin name, which usually rhyme with … Continue reading Is that a Ladybug…yet?

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Little Yellow Flowers

Look around in the green outdoors and you might notice just how many flowers there are, twinkling flowers of all sizes and shapes. Next, you might notice that a very large number of those flowers are yellow. Canary, burnt gold, goldenrod or even lemon yellow, they are EVERYWHERE. If the sun really is shining yellow in the sky, then the flowers of so many native … Continue reading Little Yellow Flowers

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Say, “No” to Grass!

It is an honor to welcome Stephanie from the garden blog “Learning to Grow in Florida”! Without further ado: Say, “No” to Grass! Let’s talk groundcover. Grass is the usual choice, but why? It’s high maintenance and requires a lot of water to look alive during the dry winters. In the summer it may get more water but can burn up in the heat. In … Continue reading Say, “No” to Grass!

Teaming with Microbes

Another great primer for the world of invisible activity that is constantly at work beneath our feet to turn minerals and sunshine into food and beauty. This book focuses on defining and explaining the relationships between the fungi, bacteria and insects that all work together to create an environment that plants can thrive in. Teaming with Microbes: The Organic Gardener’s Guide to the Soil Food … Continue reading Teaming with Microbes

Black Soldier Fly Larva BioDigestor! (BSFL pt 2)

If you need a primer on what black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) are, peruse the background write up I posted a few weeks back and then join us below. As I mentioned before, black soldier flies, particularly in their larval state, are tireless, delightful eating machines specializing in the avid consumption things that most people find revolting. Yes, they are nightmare fuel, but ridiculously useful … Continue reading Black Soldier Fly Larva BioDigestor! (BSFL pt 2)

How to Plant Asparagus Crowns

I recently went to help a friend install some more growing beds for perennial and annual vegetable production. One of the most exciting things that we got into the ground once we had the new beds shaped and amended with compost was asparagus crowns. Asparagus is a perennial, meaning that once its root system is established in the soil, it will continue to produce year … Continue reading How to Plant Asparagus Crowns

Black Soldier Fly Larvae: Perfect Eating Machines! Some Background…

So, let’s talk about what’s going on right here! What is this all about, exactly? It’s about black soldier flies, and their larvae (BSFL) specifically. They are bugs, insects. Not only are they insects, they have super powers! Among their many amazing abilities, like tolerance to freezing temperatures and ability to withstand foul odors, I am most enamored with and convenienced by their ability to … Continue reading Black Soldier Fly Larvae: Perfect Eating Machines! Some Background…

Permablitz Adventure Saturday!

This Saturday, I had the pleasure of going to what a local permaculture organization calls a permablitz. During a permablitz, members of the local permaculture community converge on the home or property of one of their fellow members with shovels, picks rakes, and other tools to spend one or both days of a weekend installing all kinds of water harvesting, soil improving and food growing … Continue reading Permablitz Adventure Saturday!