A weed is a plant out of place.
-Jim Thompson

With any luck, you have your newly sprouted or transplanted seedlings off to a great, healthy start in the protected, well-prepared soil that you selected as the home for your garden. You may have done such a great job preparing the soil and making an all around plant hospitable environment that you start to see unwanted residents poking their little green heads up through your beautiful, fluffy soil.

That’s right, most soils are just teeming with seeds from wild plants that are just waiting for the right conditions to make a run for another chance at immortality, i.e. passing their genes on for one more generation. When you first notice the surge of green interlopers poking their little heads up, don’t be angry, rather, consider it a compliment on the great work you have already done in the garden to make it so appealing that these little plants can’t resist but to take it for a spin. Really, we could call it what it is, these seeds are so attracted to the sexy soil that you tilled up, they want to make babies with you! If that’s not flattering, then what is?
So flattering, and persistent, that we should talk about hardware and strategies to get rid of your excited little invaders.