Teaming with Microbes

Another great primer for the world of invisible activity that is constantly at work beneath our feet to turn minerals and sunshine into food and beauty. This book focuses on defining and explaining the relationships between the fungi, bacteria and insects that all work together to create an environment that plants can thrive in. Teaming with Microbes: The Organic Gardener’s Guide to the Soil Food … Continue reading Teaming with Microbes

Permablitz Adventure Saturday!

This Saturday, I had the pleasure of going to what a local permaculture organization calls a permablitz. During a permablitz, members of the local permaculture community converge on the home or property of one of their fellow members with shovels, picks rakes, and other tools to spend one or both days of a weekend installing all kinds of water harvesting, soil improving and food growing … Continue reading Permablitz Adventure Saturday!

Sheet Mulch is the BEST MULCH!!!

Here’s one of my favorite old sheet mulch installations from some old photos. Before: And After: Since I moved into my new community garden plot last fall, I have been trying to scrounge, gather, or acquire,  by mostly legal means, the materials to lay down a sheet mulch. I’m not talking about some Johnny-come-lately sheet mulch that the established bermuda grass is going to laugh … Continue reading Sheet Mulch is the BEST MULCH!!!