Abundance Problems: What to do with too much!

Congratulations! You finally put in the muscle and mental effort to install the garden that you delicately planned out… or you just walked boldly out into the patchy turf grass with a shovel one day and started digging your way to your dreams, carving a tame legacy from the wilderness of your lawn. Either way, your effort is starting to pay off as okra, tomatoes, … Continue reading Abundance Problems: What to do with too much!

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Attempted Rescue of Stragglers! (aka, High Hopes, Low Expectations)

Over the last few days, I noticed some mysterious plants in a place they weren’t supposed to be. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for plant sovereignty. Someone is going to chime in and shake a finger about the value of growing where you’re planted, etc., but I am still pretty sure that these three squash sprouts’ days were numbered as soon as they … Continue reading Attempted Rescue of Stragglers! (aka, High Hopes, Low Expectations)

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Little Yellow Flowers

Look around in the green outdoors and you might notice just how many flowers there are, twinkling flowers of all sizes and shapes. Next, you might notice that a very large number of those flowers are yellow. Canary, burnt gold, goldenrod or even lemon yellow, they are EVERYWHERE. If the sun really is shining yellow in the sky, then the flowers of so many native … Continue reading Little Yellow Flowers

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[Potato Update] I Changed Nothing, Everything is Different (aka. Tales of Garden Neglect!)

For those of you who have been following my salvaged seed potatoes on their journey into great deliciousness, I have an update. Everyone else can catch up with this link to my previous post on being optimistic about what you have (in this case, potatoes), even if it means less than ideal materials. With regular rains and a couple of waterings in between, the last … Continue reading [Potato Update] I Changed Nothing, Everything is Different (aka. Tales of Garden Neglect!)

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Say, “No” to Grass!

It is an honor to welcome Stephanie from the garden blog “Learning to Grow in Florida”! Without further ado: Say, “No” to Grass! Let’s talk groundcover. Grass is the usual choice, but why? It’s high maintenance and requires a lot of water to look alive during the dry winters. In the summer it may get more water but can burn up in the heat. In … Continue reading Say, “No” to Grass!

Seeds, Seeds, Seeds!!!

It’s that time of year again, the time of year when every gardener feels the thrill of shopping for seeds. Okay, that statement is true, but the whole truth is that most gardeners are ready to feel the thrill of flipping through a seed catalog 365 days a year. What makes the time of year between deep winter and the beginning of spring special is … Continue reading Seeds, Seeds, Seeds!!!

Spring: a state of mind

You may have noticed an itch, a little wiggle somewhere back behind the stacks of to-do lists and whirring routines in your quotidian mind as of late (at least in the northern hemisphere), something that makes you notice the sweetness in your food a little more, an ever so subtle suggestion that running through fresh grass without shoes on might be the exact prescription for … Continue reading Spring: a state of mind