Little Yellow Flowers

Look around in the green outdoors and you might notice just how many flowers there are, twinkling flowers of all sizes and shapes. Next, you might notice that a very large number of those flowers are yellow. Canary, burnt gold, goldenrod or even lemon yellow, they are EVERYWHERE. If the sun really is shining yellow in the sky, then the flowers of so many native and domesticated plants that blanket the Earth shine brilliant yellow hues right back at it.

Like the greens of grass blades and tree leaves, flower yellows are both a foundation and a radiant spire in the castle of nature’s languages. The pollen laden legs of bees are thick with the ochre dust collected over their travels in a day’s work.

This isn’t only for celebration, it’s the bright yellow blossom of the squash plants that call in the squash vine borer moth to lay eggs that will eventually hatch into larva that destroy the plant by eating the pith out of its stem.

Yellow flowers are there for it all, a sea of them, on duty with a thousand tasks from calling in the bees for supper to reminding us with such patience and petite elegance that spring is here or that summer has grown long in its days.
I wonder when the last time was in the history of our Earth that there was not at least one open yellow flower keeping watch and telling time while the rest of creation buzzed, bloomed or roared past in fleeting urgency. 

So common and so easy to overlook, one bloom of trillions, these golden twinkles feed the armies of insects with devotion yet ease, all on their way to making the fruits and seeds of their own next generations.

Everywhere, each with a tale of its origin, a lineage, and each with a meaningful purpose and message woven into its place, time and colorful expression. As common as the wind, they don’t write novels or stammer with self doubt, instead they share gracefully, they provide ceaselessly as their essence entails.

Be a yellow flower today, you’re important.



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