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Attempted Rescue of Stragglers! (aka, High Hopes, Low Expectations)

Over the last few days, I noticed some mysterious plants in a place they weren’t supposed to be. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for plant sovereignty. Someone is going to chime in and shake a finger about the value of growing where you’re planted, etc., but I am still pretty sure that these three squash sprouts’ days were numbered as soon as they … Continue reading Attempted Rescue of Stragglers! (aka, High Hopes, Low Expectations)

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Is that a Ladybug…yet?

Hi there, let’s talk about ladybugs for just a minute. (I know, some say ladybird, but Lady Bird around Central Texas means the former first lady of the United States, Lady Bird Johnson, so ladybug it shall remain) Hang on tight, it’s going to get sciencey for a bit. The scientific name for ladybugs is coccinellidae, which rhymes with…every other Latin name, which usually rhyme with … Continue reading Is that a Ladybug…yet?

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Hey Gang! This week we’re on a mission to find and share everyone’s favorite seed catalogs! So we’re having a contest! The winner will get $25 towards the purchase of seeds for this season from the seed catalog of their choice. To enter: Follow @AgriCrafty on Instagram (pretty please! and por favor!) Tag a fellow gardener excited about spring planting! Tag your favorite seed catalog … Continue reading @agricrafty on instagram