Why we are here

This is the first post in my new blog about my study into our place in the buzzing, vibrant biological world. I know that it’s not a time for me to really spell that out, and I don’t that it’s really something that one spells out in a breath anyway.

We seem to live in times that beg the question of what is the best way that we can live and be in the world around us. Every day seems to be filled with different tellings of the ways in which human actions on different scales and time frames are shaping the world we live on, our Earth, our soil. In all of that noise, I wander off into strongly worded arguments and loud opinions only to return to the idea that without actions, I can really have no opinion worth telling. Ironically, this blog is about my desire to move away from commentary and push forward into actions.

To keep myself accountable and to share what I am learning, I am keeping a journal here of the different steps I take in my study of agrarian and biological processes. There will be project descriptions, book reviews, maybe even an interview along the way.

For a framework, I am going to start with a basic outline of the farming curriculum that I have developed and taught over my years as an educator. I think that will build a richer context for any discussion that readers might want to engage in as well as give newcomers ample resources to get up to speed on what all of the fuss is about.

There are going to be large chunks devoted to different concepts in permaculture design, holistic management, and the broader term that I use for management in line with those concepts, which is regenerative agriculture.

I will also have more completely romantic posts about the way some of this makes me feel, thinks like spring, raindrops, petrichor, etc., in which I will secretly be trying to channel Wendell Berry and think thoughty thoughts before capturing them on paper.

I’m also a fanboy when it comes to some concepts and people in regenerative agriculture, so I’ll post links to some of their workshops or events in general as I learn about them. For that matter, when someone finally discovers the 3 easy steps to living your best life while solving aging, unhappiness and avoiding paying taxes, I’m sure I’ll post it here, too. cropped-nm-thunderstorm.jpg


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